Dear Rochester Symphony Friends,

We hope this message finds you safe and healthy as we have missed performing for you these past several weeks. The last few months have been challenging for each of us in many ways. What began as a sudden shift to our daily lives and expectations was soon realized as a long-term reality. This reality has forced some difficult decisions regarding the cancellations of live concerts for all arts communities.

While everyday activities are opening up more each week, large gatherings such as concerts are not permissible at this time and probably for the foreseeable future. Looking to local and CDC outlines for guidance, we are working to plan a possible concert season to the extent it might be possible. Going forward, we wish to stay connected to our orchestra community. Until such a time when it is safe to enjoy live music in person, your RSO wishes to periodically share previously recorded experts from past seasons.

Understanding that music nourishes the soul, the RSO hopes to provide solace during these challenging times. While the health and safety of our audience and musicians is our primary concern, we await with hope the time when we may perform for you live. Until then, please enjoy this excerpt from our September, 2018 concert program featuring the opening of Scheherezade by Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov.

The Rochester Symphony Board of Directors
and Bill Milicevic, Music Director and Conductor